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  • Choose your scent/fragrance. Over 200+ Available.
  • Box of six hex-tube of HEM incense. Each tube has 20 sticks for a total of 120 incense sticks.
  • Choose the scents below.
  • Please be sure to specify the quantity and click on the "add" box next to it. When you finish, click on the "Add to Cart" at the end of the list (at the end of the page).

Item# Item Name Qty Add
HEM-120-0228 HEM - Blue Sage (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0227 HEM - Blue Velvet (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0229 HEM - Come to me (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0234 HEM - Khus (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0225 HEM - Moldavite
HEM-120-0224 HEM - Mukhalat Bakhoor
HEM-120-0222 HEM - Mukhalat Malaki
HEM-120-0223 HEM - Mukhalat Oudh
HEM-120-0232 HEM - New Wave
HEM-120-0230 HEM - Palo Santo (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0231 HEM - Peach Musk (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0233 HEM - Seven Colors (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0221 HEM - Sweetgrass
HEM-120-0226 HEM - Tangerine Rose
HEM-120-0002 HEM - African Musk
HEM-120-0003 HEM - Against Jealousy
HEM-120-0004 HEM - All Seasons (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0005 HEM - Almond (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0006 HEM - Aloe Vera
HEM-120-0007 HEM - Amber
HEM-120-0009 HEM - Amrapali
HEM-120-0010 HEM - Anti Tobacco
HEM-120-0011 HEM - Anti-Stress (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0012 HEM - Apricot
HEM-120-0013 HEM - Arruda
HEM-120-0014 HEM - Attract Money
HEM-120-0015 HEM - Baby Powder (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0016 HEM - Balsam (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0017 HEM - Benzoin
HEM-120-0018 HEM - Bergamot
HEM-120-0019 HEM - Black Love
HEM-120-0020 HEM - Black Magic (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0021 HEM - Black Opium (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0022 HEM - Blueberry
HEM-120-0023 HEM - Breaks All
HEM-120-0215 HEM - Butter Toffee
HEM-120-0024 HEM - Call Client
HEM-120-0025 HEM - Call Money (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0026 HEM - Camphor
HEM-120-0027 HEM - Cannabis
HEM-120-0028 HEM - Cardamom
HEM-120-0029 HEM - Carnation
HEM-120-0219 HEM - Cedar
HEM-120-0030 HEM - Cherry
HEM-120-0031 HEM - Cherry Jasmine (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0032 HEM - Cherry Vanilla
HEM-120-0033 HEM - China Rain (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0034 HEM - Chocolate
HEM-120-0035 HEM - Chocolate Orange (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0036 HEM - Cinnamon (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0037 HEM - Cinnamon Apple
HEM-120-0038 HEM - Cinnamon Orange
HEM-120-0212 HEM - Cinnamon Patchouli (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0039 HEM - Cinnamon Rose (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0040 HEM - Citronella
HEM-120-0041 HEM - Clove
HEM-120-0042 HEM - Coco Cinnamon
HEM-120-0043 HEM - Coco Tangerine
HEM-120-0044 HEM - Coconut
HEM-120-0045 HEM - Coconut Mango
HEM-120-0046 HEM - Coffee (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0047 HEM - Copal (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0048 HEM - Cranberry
HEM-120-0049 HEM - Desire (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0050 HEM - Divine Beauty
HEM-120-0051 HEM - Divine Blessing
HEM-120-0052 HEM - Divine Energy (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0053 HEM - Divine Harmony
HEM-120-0054 HEM - Divine Healing
HEM-120-0055 HEM - Don Juan (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0056 HEM - Dragons Blood (Blue)
HEM-120-0057 HEM - Dragons Blood (Red)
HEM-120-0058 HEM - Egyptian Jasmine
HEM-120-0059 HEM - Egyptian Musk
HEM-120-0060 HEM - Erotic (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0061 HEM - Eucalyptus
HEM-120-0062 HEM - Everest
HEM-120-0063 HEM - Fairy Dream
HEM-120-0064 HEM - Fast Luck
HEM-120-0065 HEM - Feng Shui 5 in 1
HEM-120-0066 HEM - Feng Shui Earth (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0067 HEM - Feng Shui Fire
HEM-120-0068 HEM - Feng Shui Metal
HEM-120-0069 HEM - Feng Shui Water (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0070 HEM - Firdaus (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0071 HEM - First Rain (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0072 HEM - Floral Bouquet (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0073 HEM - Forest
HEM-120-0074 HEM - Frangipani
HEM-120-0075 HEM - Frankincense
HEM-120-0076 HEM - Frankincense Myrrh (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0077 HEM - Garden of Flowers (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0078 HEM - Gardenia
HEM-120-0079 HEM - Ginger (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0080 HEM - Ginger and Green Tea
HEM-120-0081 HEM - Ginger Lily
HEM-120-0082 HEM - Goddess
HEM-120-0083 HEM - Gold Rain
HEM-120-0084 HEM - Gold Silver
HEM-120-0085 HEM - Good Fortune (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0086 HEM - Good Health
HEM-120-0087 HEM - Good Luck
HEM-120-0088 HEM - Grapefruit
HEM-120-0089 HEM - Green Apple
HEM-120-0090 HEM - Green Tea
HEM-120-0091 HEM - Heena
HEM-120-0092 HEM - Holystic
HEM-120-0093 HEM - Honey
HEM-120-0094 HEM - Honey Rose (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0095 HEM - Honeysuckle
HEM-120-0096 HEM - Horus Eye
HEM-120-0097 HEM - Hyacinth
HEM-120-0098 HEM - Indian Flower
HEM-120-0099 HEM - Indian Musk
HEM-120-0100 HEM - Indian Musk
HEM-120-0101 HEM - Indian Spice
HEM-120-0102 HEM - Iris
HEM-120-0103 HEM - Jamaican Fruit
HEM-120-0104 HEM - Jasmine Blossom
HEM-120-0216 HEM - Jasmine Honey
HEM-120-0105 HEM - Juniper (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0106 HEM - Kamasutra
HEM-120-0107 HEM - Kiwi
HEM-120-0108 HEM - Kiwi Grape (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0109 HEM - Lemon
HEM-120-0110 HEM - Lemongrass
HEM-120-0111 HEM - Lilac
HEM-120-0112 HEM - Lily of the Valley (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0113 HEM - Loban
HEM-120-0114 HEM - Lotus
HEM-120-0115 HEM - Love (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0218 HEM - Lychee (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0116 HEM - Madhur Chandan (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0117 HEM - Magnolia (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0214 HEM - Mango Watermelon (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0118 HEM - Meditation
HEM-120-0119 HEM - Milflores (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0120 HEM - Morning Mist (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0121 HEM - Musk (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0122 HEM - Myrhh
HEM-120-0123 HEM - Night Queen (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0124 HEM - Nile Lotus (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0125 HEM - Oodh Sandalwood
HEM-120-0126 HEM - Open Roads
HEM-120-0127 HEM - Opium
HEM-120-0128 HEM - Orange Blossom
HEM-120-0129 HEM - Ornamental (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0130 HEM - Passion
HEM-120-0131 HEM - Passion Fruit
HEM-120-0132 HEM - Patchouli
HEM-120-0133 HEM - Patchouli Amber
HEM-120-0134 HEM - Patchouli Musk
HEM-120-0217 HEM - Patchouli Vanilla (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0135 HEM - Peach (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0210 HEM - Peach Vanilla
HEM-120-0136 HEM - Pine
HEM-120-0137 HEM - Pineapple Jasmine
HEM-120-0138 HEM - Potpourri
HEM-120-0139 HEM - Prana (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0140 HEM - Precious 3 in One (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0141 HEM - Precious Chandan
HEM-120-0142 HEM - Precious Flower
HEM-120-0143 HEM - Precious Fragrance
HEM-120-0144 HEM - Precious Gulab (Precious Rose) (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0145 HEM - Precious Jasmine
HEM-120-0146 HEM - Precious Kewda
HEM-120-0208 HEM - Precious Lavender
HEM-120-0147 HEM - Precious Lily (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0148 HEM - Precious Mogra
HEM-120-0149 HEM - Precious Musk
HEM-120-0150 HEM - Precious Tuberose (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0151 HEM - Protection
HEM-120-0152 HEM - Pure House
HEM-120-0153 HEM - Rain Forest
HEM-120-0154 HEM - Raspberry
HEM-120-0155 HEM - Red Apple
HEM-120-0156 HEM - Red Rose
HEM-120-0157 HEM - Rosa Mystica
HEM-120-0158 HEM - Rose Musk (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0159 HEM - Rose Vanilla
HEM-120-0160 HEM - Rosemary
HEM-120-0161 HEM - Saffron (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0162 HEM - Sage
HEM-120-0163 HEM - Saint Benoit
HEM-120-0164 HEM - Saint Expeditius (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0165 HEM - Saint George (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0166 HEM - Saint Miraculeus
HEM-120-0167 HEM - Saint Onofre (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0168 HEM - Saint Pancracio (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0169 HEM - Saint Theresa
HEM-120-0170 HEM - San Judas Tadeo Open New Opportunity
HEM-120-0171 HEM - San Miguel Arcangel
HEM-120-0172 HEM - San Pedro Negocio y Trabajo (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0173 HEM - San Rafael Arcangel (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0174 HEM - Sandal
HEM-120-0175 HEM - Sandal Cinnamon
HEM-120-0176 HEM - Sandal King
HEM-120-0177 HEM - Sandal Rose
HEM-120-0178 HEM - Sandalwood
HEM-120-0179 HEM - Santa Barbara (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0180 HEM - Santa Marta (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0209 HEM - Santa Muerte (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0181 HEM - Sea Breeze (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0182 HEM - Serenity (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0183 HEM - Silver Rain
HEM-120-0211 HEM - Soothing Spa (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0184 HEM - Spearmint (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0185 HEM - Strawberry (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0186 HEM - Strawberry Melon (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0187 HEM - Strawberry Vanilla (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0188 HEM - Tabac (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0189 HEM - Tangerine (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0190 HEM - Tangerine Honey (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0191 HEM - Tea Rose
HEM-120-0192 HEM - The Galaxy
HEM-120-0193 HEM - The Moon
HEM-120-0194 HEM - The Planet
HEM-120-0195 HEM - The Star
HEM-120-0196 HEM - The Sun
HEM-120-0197 HEM - Unlock
HEM-120-0198 HEM - Vanilla
HEM-120-0213 HEM - Vanilla Cinnamon (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0199 HEM - Vanilla Orange
HEM-120-0200 HEM - Violet
HEM-120-0201 HEM - White Flower (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0202 HEM - White Musk (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0203 HEM - White Rose (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0220 HEM - White Sage
HEM-120-0204 HEM - Wild Cherry
HEM-120-0205 HEM - Wild Orchids
HEM-120-0206 HEM - Yellow Rose (Out of Stock)
HEM-120-0207 HEM - Ylang Ylang
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    Hex Tube

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