NEW B2B Portal
NEW B2B Portal

NEW B2B Section for Botanica and Large Items

We are launching a new B2B portal for large and fragile items such as large statues, sopera, potiche, tinaja de rio, ceramics, porcelain, etc. Basically, all items that need to be ship by pallet/freight/skid.

This new page is available by request only. It is not to replace this wholesale website, and it is to complement it with other products. Currently, this new page portal only have large botanica/IFA products (i.e. soperas, bateas, pilon, potiche).

To go to the new site, click here

Link to new portal

Upon having access, you would be able to start ordering. Please remember that this page is pallet shipping only. Pallet or skid cost generally depends on the destination, type of address and whether you require additional delivery services (such as liftgate, notification prior to arrival, inside delivery, delivery appointment, etc.). The cost can range from $120 to $500 per pallet.